Milwaukee, (and) Wisconsin

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Hi all. First off, congratulations to Scott Walker for his beat-down of Tom Barrett in the “waste of time and money” recall in Wisconsin last Tuesday. Very happy to see Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker handily defeat Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Well done, Wisconsinites.
Staying in my home state of Wisconsin, I shift my attention from Madison to Milwaukee. I must admit that I was rather disturbed by some of the happenings in Milwaukee over the past week, namely the Occupy Milwaukee movement and the annual Pridefest event on Milwaukee’s lakefront. Pridefest’s mission statement found on their website says the following: The mission of PrideFest is to celebrate the diversity of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) culture and community. This is so wrong, immoral and sinful. Again, my friends, I am far from perfect, but I really have a passion to oppose the gay agenda and the spread of Islam here in the United States. I could write on these two topics every week!
I look every day at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper’s online edition ( I was disturbed and actually angered by a photo of the Occupy Milwaukee movement. These socialist thugs were shown pulling on a Milwaukee Police Department horse’s harness. These people are so angry, rude, mean, etc. that it makes me sick. Had I seen that incident live in person, I sure would have been tempted to confront that person/s that were, in my opinion, cowards. Attacking law enforcement officers and their horses shows just how disrespectful these dirt-bag Occupiers are. Once they cross the line and become violent, I no longer have any remorse for them at all. Not that I initially had any remorse for these lazy anarchists, but I think you know what I mean.
The bottom line with these Occupiers is that they need to respect law enforcement and authority. Also, while at it, get a job and contribute to society. Save your money and try to become one of the “1 percenters” that you so despise. Not working, protesting daily and being angry/disrespectful towards law enforcement will get you nowhere in life.
As for Pridefest, I have made it well-known my thoughts on homosexuality and gay “marriage”. I feel like I am beating a dead horse (no pun intended at all!) here at times, but I really oppose the gay agenda, the spread of Islam and the United Nations. I would not have such an issue with the gay agenda if it were not being celebrated, encouraged and promoted in society. I would let them be if they minded their own business. BTW, I do not see the City of Milwaukee holding the following sinful festivals: Dishonestyfest, Robberfest, Angerfest, Liarsfest, Profanityfest, Greedfest. You get my point. We should not celebrate, encourage or promote sinful lifestyles.
What does the Bible say about anger? This applies to me as well, as I am angry with these Occupy protesters…”Anger can give Satan a place in your life.” (Ephesians 4:26-27). These Occupy protesters are obviously angry and I truly believe Satan is at work, esp. when I see and hear about these protesters abusing law enforcement officers.
Lastly, the Bible says the following about sex/sexual sin: “Homosexuality and lesbianism are sins.” (Romans 1:24-27). There is more found in the Bible on sex/sexual sin, but I wanted to focus on Pridefest sin. 

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8: 32)

illegal immigration

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Hi all. I emailed last week about the blog name and nicknames. Some of you may be wondering why I initially called this blog The Ogg Blogg. Well, in high school a teammate of mine on the JV basketball team had a thing for hanging photos of college basketball players in his locker. I guess that was the cool thing to do back then. Well, being a lanky white dude with sports goggles, I was nick-named after Alan Ogg of the University of Alabama-Birmingham. Much like Alan Ogg in the NBA, I also averaged 2 points and 2 rebounds per game on JV! haha. Secondly, when it comes to The Solution part of my blog, I am not being arrogant or conceited. It is simply an inside joke between my friend Mike and I. He likes my views on foreign policy and nicknamed me The Solution. I thought it would be fun to run with it.
Well, I recently conversed with a woman in Edwards, CO. She told me she is from Mexico and went on to say she did not agree with the immigration laws being proposed and passed in various states (Arizona, Oklahoma, Alabama, etc.). I did NOT bring up this issue, though I do feel strongly about it. Of course I was not about to ask if she was legally here in the U.S. I will assume and hope she is. She was very nice and seems like a hard worker. However, again, our views on border security and immigration differ greatly. 
While I support legal immigration, I have a big problem with illegal immigration. If someone is here legally, working, paying taxes and that individual is a law-abiding citizen, then I have no issue with one being here in this country. However, if one is here illegally, unemployed (or taking a job away from someone that is here legally), not paying taxes, breaking the law (as all illegal immigrants are, BTW), and one is depending on taxpayer money to fund their education and health care and are a drain on the economy, then I have an issue with that individual being here.
The Arizona law is not hateful or bigoted as many on the left want to claim. It is common sense. I found the following on SB 1070, which has served as a model for other states such as Alabama and South Carolina, has a number of provisions that attempt to help the federal government enforce immigration requirements. The most controversial, at least from the standpoint of the Obama Administration, is a provision that requires police officers to check on the immigration status of individuals they have arrested or detained for some other violation, if the officers have a reasonable suspicion the individuals are in the country illegally. Race and ethnicity cannot be a consideration in that determination.
Shouldn’t law enforcement officers being doing this as part of their duties anyway?? Again, it is common sense. If you are here illegally, you are breaking the law!! BTW, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has failed miserably in his role as the countries top law enforcer. He likes to play the race card and the victim card. More on that in a future post.
Lastly, Mexico’s drug violence is a big concern to me. If my next door neighbor here in Colorado was a drug-addicted, violent felon, I would definitely alert law enforcement and expect them to keep me and the community safe. It’s common sense to do so, esp. as there are innocent civilians and children that live in the area. Much like I expect the local government to keep myself and other law-abiding citizens safe in my community, I expect those at the federal level to do the same. You have the authority and responsibility to keep us safe. Secure the border!
What does the Bible say about Authority and Government in the Bible? It says the following:
1.) Jesus acknowledged the authority of both God and human government (Mark 12:13-17);
2.) God gave government its authority (John 19:11);
3.) Obey the authorities as long as they do not contradict God’s commands (Romans 13:1-7);
4.) The Bible is our authority (2 Timothy 3:16).
1.) God gives authority to those in government (Romans 13:1);
2.) Christians should obey the government (Titus 3:1).
“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8: 32)

Memorial Day

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Hi all. I first want to mention that Christians will be persecuted for their beliefs. And you know what, that is just fine! The Bible says that Christians will be persecuted for their faith: “God blesses you when you are mocked and persecuted and lied about because you are my followers” (Matthew 5:11); and “But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!” (Matthew 5:44). Thank you Pastor D. for helping me find those passages! Pastor D. sounds like a cool rap name, no?? haha
I bring up persecution because, as you know, I am very much opposed to gay marriage. I recently wrote an editorial to The Vail Daily, a very liberal publication here in Colorado. I wrote simply of Biblical truth. Of course expected some backlash as the majority of people (at least it sure seems that way) in the Vail Valley are non-believing liberals. Two people responded to my editorial essentially saying that I am out of touch with today’s world. One person was calling for “acceptance” of homosexuality and the other was calling for more “diversity.” I think two words we need to be aware of are “acceptance” and “diversity.” The part that gets me is that I wrote verbatim what was in the Bible about homosexuality! It was more biblical fact than it was my opinion. I am not out to judge others, but instead I am looking to inform non-believers and share Biblical truth. As it says in Hebrews 9;27, “We are destined to die once and face judgment.” People can call for acceptance and diversity all they want, but if it goes against God and his word, then they will one day have to face judgment. All I can do is share the Gospel and hope to lead others to truth and Christ! All else is beyond my control. 
The Bible also says the following about Judgment:
1.) God will judge the words we speak (Matthew 12:36);
2.) God does not judge by appearances (John 7:21-24);
3.) God will judge Christians (Romans 14:10);
4.) Christ will judge Christians for their actions (2 Corinthians 5:10);
5.) People whose names are in the Book of Life will enter heaven (Revelation 20:11-15).
Secondly, I want to wish a Happy Memorial Day to all past and present members of the U.S. military, including my father Mike, a.k.a. “Papa.” He served in the U.S. Army from 1960-1966. To think of all those individuals that gave their lives for our freedom is something we should all be thankful and grateful for. By the way, a great way to thank someone that served in the military is by forever memorializing them with a brick. In the Milwaukee-area, one can buy a memorial brick through the Hales Corners Veteran’s Memorial. You can find out additional information at
Lastly, with it being Memorial Day and this country thanking veterans for their service to this country, I thought I would end with what the Bible says about serving others:
1.) We should imitate Christ’s example and serve others (Matthew 20:28);
2.) Jesus shows service by his example (John 13:3-5);
3.) Serve others as Jesus did (Philippians 2:5-8).
“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8: 32)

the Arab Spring and its consequences

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Hi all. I must first clarify something I said in last week’s post that “we are all God’s children.” I should have said “we are all God’s creation.” Christians are children of God (John 1:12).
Now moving on to this week’s post. A few months ago, we ”celebrated” the one year anniversary of the so-called “Arab Spring.” Many want us to believe that this was a pro-freedom, pro-democracy movement. That is not accurate. This is a power-grab by Muslim extremists in the Middle East to gain military and political power and to most likely then attack Israel in their effort to see Sharia Law spread/enforced throughout the Middle East.
My understanding is that the Arab Spring started with a young man setting himself on fire in Tunisia in January 2011 due to unemployment and unhappiness with the Tunisian government. That led to civil unrest, protests, demonstrations, etc. that quickly spread to other parts of Africa and the Middle East. Other countries to have unrest are Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria.
I am not at all sad to see Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi out of power, and dead for that matter. He was a dictating terrorist, though he did eventually give in to Western demands for peace. We were able to keep him at bay for years. He also had a grip on the Muslim extremists in his country. Much like Saddam Hussein of Iraq and President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Gahdafi did serve a purpose for the West even though he was a bad man. Hussein countered Iranian power and might in the Middle East and Mubarak kept peace with Israel while also keeping the Muslim extremists under control with his military power.
Yemen may very well be the new Afghanistan. It appears to be a breeding ground for Al-Qaeda. This is very concerning. On a side note, my philosophy for a U.S. military presence in the Middle East is to keep 5,000-10,000 U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan to keep an eye on Iran and to support/protect the people of Israel. I also support a naval presence in that region. I would love to see our troops come home and secure our southern border with Mexico where the drug violence and beheadings are now a daily occurrence. But hey, that is just one man’s opinion. 
The situation in Syria is ugly and getting worse by the day. I would not be at all sad to see Syrian President Bashar Assad removed from power. However, much like in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere, there are consequences to regime changes. Who exactly is behind the “Arab Spring” and the removal of those in power? Unfortunately, it appears to be Muslim extremists and The Muslim Brotherhood. While we should support regime change and democracy across the globe, we must also be aware of who exactly is coming into power.
I expect any day now for Israel, hopefully with the backing of the United States, to attack Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities. I support this attack. I am not saying to attack the Iranian people and innocent civilians, but I am saying to attack these nuclear facilities and wipe them out with bunker-busting bombs. Israel can and should do this soon. The longer they wait, the more likely it is that Iran has a nuclear weapon to not only threaten Israel, but to threaten the entire Middle East and the United States.
So, my friends, there are consequences to everything in life, including ignoring and showing apathy towards civil unrest. I just hope and pray we do not suffer further domestic terrorist acts here in the U.S. because of our government failing to recognize who truly was behind the “Arab Spring.”
Lastly, what does the Bible say about consequences? It says the following:
1.) The path we choose in life will have definite consequences (Matthew 7:13-14);
2.) Each of us will stand before God (2 Corinthians 5:10).
Do you choose a path of love, forgiveness, Christ and peace? Or do you choose a path of hatred, stubbornness, jihad and violence? Regardless of the path you choose, as is noted above, each of us will one day stand before God.
“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8: 32)

America’s future

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Howdy all. A family friend back in Wisconsin is fearful of the direction this country is taking and is preparing to flee the country with her family if need be. I.e., it sounds like a flee to Canada is possible in the event of an Obama re-election to a second term. Let it be known that I do not at all blame people for being fearful of a second term with this failed administration. It has failed this country in so many ways: economically, militarily, socially, morally. I personally also fear a second Obama term, but I hope and pray that conservatives, Christians, Republicans, tea party affiliates, independents, etc. step up in November to defeat Barack Obama and his liberal, socialist agenda. While I try not to put much hope into politicians (most are greedy, corrupt, etc.), I would much rather have a Romney administration than another Obama term.
Economically, our deficit is now at $15 trillion. Consider the following from the WVCY website: Our current U.S. debt is at $15.2 trillion dollars… President Obama has been increasing the national debt during his presidency by an average of $4.24 billion per day. This puts him on a pace to increase the national debt by $6.2 trillion by the end of his current term. That’s more debt than was accumulated by all U.S. Presidents from George Washington through Bill Clinton combined…..Militarily, we  now allow gays in the military (which does damage to the morale of our troops, per a soldier friend of mine), we are drastically cutting defense spending, and lastly playing “footsie” with Iran as they attempt to build a nuclear weapon (hint: sanctions do not work!); socially, Obama just came out this past week in favor of gay marriage. That is outrageous. Where are the morals in this country? Whatever happened to a strong economy, a strong military and strong traditional families??? Obama is a political opportunist and an extreme one at that; and morally, this administration seems intent on honoring, supporting and promoting the gay agenda and transgender lifestyles. Sickening. I miss the days of Leave it to Beaver. Feminists won’t like that comment!
Getting back to the individual in Wisconsin that is essentially a “prepper”. I do not blame her!!! In the past I may have thought someone was paranoid or silly for prepping. I occasionally watch a cable show on National Geographic called Doomsday Preppers (the show is described as follows: Follow a group of people as they obsessively prepare for apocalypse—each expecting the world to end in a different way, for a different reason, at a different time. From bunkers to fortified off-the-grid homesteads, see how these Doomsday Preppers go to extremes to make sure they are ready for just about anything).
These people have underground bunkers, firearms, excess food supplies, etc. in the event of a civil war or civil unrest. I do not at all blame them for doing this. Heck, I am even considering doing some of these things “just in case.” My sister and I discussed this recently at lunch. I know my liberal friends will call me paranoid and an extremist, but they cannot guarantee my future safety. There is a gun show next weekend in Colorado. I am looking forward to attending this event!
I have discussed firearms in a previous post and will refrain from reiterating what has already been said. However, I will say that I remember President Obama accusing people in Pennsylvania of “clinging to their guns and Bibles.” Well, Mr. President, there is something called the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I put my faith in the Lord and His word, not in mankind like you. So I will in fact cling to my guns and Bible, thank you very much!
What does the Bible have to say about fear and the future? It says the following:
Fear: Faith overcomes fear (Acts 5:17-29) and Love drives fear away (1 John 4:18);
Future: Jesus came so that we could have a future of eternal life (John 3:16); Jesus said he was going to prepare a place for his followers (John 14:1-4); God prepares a wonderful future for his people (1 Corinthians 2:9).
In conclusion, I recommend the following website for Christian, conservative information, news and truth…
“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8: 32)

what IS the truth?

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Hi all. Before I begin, a friendly reminder to my friends in Wisconsin to vote in the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday for Scott Walker!!! Mr. Walker does have a Republican opponent in the May 08 Primary, folks. Please get out and vote. 
I received a phone call on Friday evening from a very good friend of mine in Wisconsin. He is an agnostic independent that disagrees with or questions a lot of what I have to say in my posts. However, there is always a mutual respect between us, no matter how much we disagree. It is rather funny that we are are such good friends despite our political, sociological and ideological differences. He leans towards being a liberal Democrat, though he does not seem set on voting for Barack Obama in November. Also, he is more into music, movies, and art while I am more into politics, religion, current events and sports. But it truly is a great friendship that I will cherish forever. I love him like a brother. BTW, you know you are getting old when you visit high school buddies and 4 grown men sit around watching the Milwaukee Channel 10 auction! It was actually enjoyable as we laughed at the items being sold and the “value” they were assessed. I may just sell my toothbrush on-air next year and see if I can get some good value for it. Let the bidding begin at $200.00. Anyone?
So getting back to my friend, we  discussed primarily Islam and homosexuality. I stated to my friend that it is a part of who we are as Christians to lead Muslims to Christianity and homosexuals to Christ (and therefore heterosexuality). It is called evangelism. Many Muslims have become Christians and many former homosexuals have turned to Christ for truth and repentance. I am not at all saying I am better than any Muslim or homosexual. We are all God’s children, but it is important to know Him through His word, the Bible. I do not hate Muslims or homosexuals; rather I pray for them to come to know Christ. No hatred here, my friends, even though I speak out against the religion of Islam and the gay agenda.
This week’s subject is ”what IS the truth?” I brought up to my friend the Trayvon Martin case in Florida. God knows exactly what happened that night when George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. I was not there, but I like to think I have confidence in our justice system, though Mr. Zimmerman was essentially proclaimed guilty before being proven innocent by the liberal American media. It is a tragedy what occurred that night, but the truth will come out at some point, or so I like to think. If Mr. Zimmerman did in fact provoke the incident in any way and did not act in self-defense, then I hope and pray that justice is done with a life sentence in prison. However, if Mr. Zimmerman did act in self-defense, then it would be a justifiable act of murder and he should walk away a free man. But again, I was not there, God knows the truth, and I hope/pray that whatever happened that night comes to be known to all.
What does the Bible say about “truth?” It says the following:
1.) The truth will set us free (John 8:31-32);
2.) Jesus Christ is the truth (John 14:6);
3.) God’s word is truth (2 Corinthians 6:14-18);
4.) We must not only believe the truth but also live by it (1 John 1:5-7).
In conclusion, we can find the truth in the Bible, which is God’s word. The Bible is truth, not the Koran or the Book of Mormon…The Bible reveals truth (Acts 18:28), The Bible is authoritative (Galatians 3:10), and The Bible is inspired by God (2 Timothy 3:16) You find love and forgiveness in the Bible, whereas the Koran teaches jihad, violence, etc. I am not saying all Muslims are  bad or evil people, but I am saying I pray that they come to know the truth, which is Jesus Christ. I know where I go for truth! Where do you go?
“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8: 32)

9/11 and the glory of God

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Hi all. Got a late start to my post this week due to being in Wisconsin to visit family and friends. There are so many things to discuss, but I will try to focus here on 9/11 and the glory of God. This happens to be the one year anniversary of the killing of Osama Bin Laden. That was a great day, and thank you to our military for taking care of this important mission one year ago. In particular, thank you Seal Team 6!!!

While in Wisconsin, I made a trip “up north” to visit my grandmother in Merrill, WI. It is so peaceful and beautiful there. While there, and being spoiled by the worlds’ greatest cook, I asked grandma about her neighbor from years back when she had a middle-aged couple living next door. They lost their son in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I will personally never forget that day. I remember I had to work at 10:00am that morning at a mutual fund company. I was in the shower when I heard my roommate yell upstairs “turn on the TV!” I quickly put on CNN and was initially shocked and saddened, but that soon turned to anger as it was confirmed to be a terrorist attack. What an awful day in American history, and a day I will never forget. I ended up going into work that day, but was only there for maybe 2 hours. People were huddled around TV’s and I remember people in tears. Nobody could focus at work. We were given the option to stay and work or to go home to be with family. I decided to go home, as there was no way I could focus that day.

The people in this great country need to wake up to the dangers of Islam. I cannot sugarcoat it here, folks, Islam is a violent and evil religion. Do NOT try to convince me otherwise. I won’t buy what you are selling. It is not, as the liberal media want us to believe, a “religion of peace.” These fanatical extremists want nothing more than to destroy capitalism, America, and Christianity, and they are in no hurry to do so. They do not care if it takes 10, 25, or 100 + years. They are slowly but surely making gains in accomplishing their goals. This is very scary, but we all need to remember in the end who wins! Hint, not the evil people of this world.

In Brookfield, WI (near my hometown), there is a proposal to build a mosque. How ignorant these Brookfield citizens are to open their arms and neighborhood to Islam. Little do they know that Islam is hostile to the west, Christianity, capitalism, etc. Yet they see no issue with a mosque being built, and this goes back to previous posts on “acceptance” “tolerance” and “political correctness”. Little do Brookfield residents know about the Koran, Muhammad, Allah, Jihad, etc. All I can say to these naive people is “be careful what you wish for.” Islam is in fact extreme and those same people they wish to welcome to Brookfield with open arms are the very same people that would kill and behead them and their loved ones without blinking an eye. Ignorance is bliss, my friends. Scary, scary stuff indeed. Have we so soon forgotten about what transpired on 9/11?

 The Bible says the following about EVIL: Sometimes God allows evil to run its course (Romans 1:24-28); Our sinful nature loves evil, but God’s Holy Spirit desires good (Galatians 5:16-17); Christians should put away evil from their lives (Ephesians 4:22); and…There are spiritual forces behind evil (Ephesians 6:12).

Lastly, the message at church on Sunday in Milwaukee contained, that though bad things happen to good people, God is still there for us and knows exactly what is going on in our lives. He will allow some things to happen so we glorify Him. For so many years, I was admittedly selfish and perhaps egotistical. I thought it was all about me and not Him. How wrong I was! We all fall short of the glory of God, but he does love and forgive us. I like to point out that God will reward the righteous and punish the wicked. So, with that being the case, why even worry?? Just simply pray. Again, we know in the end who wins!

To God be the glory!

I highly recommend the following website to learn the TRUTH about Islam… with Usama Dakdok

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8: 32)

random thoughts

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Hi all. I first want to clarify something from last week’s blog post. While vacationing in Arizona this past week visiting my parents, I caught up on my Weekly Standard reading. Have I mentioned this is a very good conservative publication?? In the February 20, 2012 edition (yes, I get behind in my reading as I try to read so many darn things!), The Weekly Standard states that WI Governor Scott Walker faced a $3.6 billion deficit. I originally thought it was $6 billion. Bottom line is that Scott Walker faced a big deficit in WI and asked unions to chip in and do their part. In my mind, it was not asking for too much.
While in Arizona, I realized how little I miss Wisconsin weather. The winters are so darn cold and the summers are so darn humid. Apparently in Colorado, where I now live, the winters are much milder. I have been told by many that the summers are great and not humid, but dry instead. Looking forward to a dry, warm, sunny summer in the mountains!
I next head to Wisconsin to tie up some loose-ends and to visit family and friends. Looking at the weather, it is not surprising to see the forecast calling for temperatures in the 50′s and rain. UGH. I plan to take in a Brewers game while in Milwaukee and I look forward to getting some things done. With the unpredictable Milwaukee weather in April, it is great knowing that regardless of the weather, I am guaranteed a baseball game due to the Miller Park retractable roof.
In church on Sunday, my pastor again did not sugarcoat the Bible nor did he try to make us all in attendance feel warm and fuzzy. He stated that we are all sinners and that the bridge to God is Jesus Christ. We are currently learning about Romans. I know I found a great church when I go back and read what was discussed in service and, boom, there it is in the Bible. Nothing was changed to make us feel all tingly in our daily lives. Rather, the pastor hits us between the eyes with Biblical truth, and I love it. In John 14:6, Jesus states: ”I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” Powerful stuff.
The pastor also compared Christianity to other religions, and he was dead on. Other religions fail their followers and say the following about the 1.) Existence of a Personal God; 2.) the Subject of Salvation; 3.) the Person of Jesus Christ:
1.) *Buddhists deny the existence of a personal God;
*Hindus believe in two major gods, Vishnu and Siva, as well as in millions of lesser gods;
*Muslims believe in one God named Allah.
2.) *Buddhists believe salvation is by self-effort only;
*Hindus believe you achieve salvation by devotion, works, and self-control;
*Muslims believe that people earn their own salvation and pay for their own sins.
3.) *Buddhists believe that Jesus Christ was a good teacher (sounds like a local church that places ads in The Vail Daily), though less important than Buddha;
*Hindus believe that Jesus was just one of many incarnations- or sons- of God. Yet they also assert that Christ was not the unique Son of God. He was no more divine than any other man, and he did not die for people’s sins (say WHAT??);
*Muslims believe that Jesus Christ was the greatest of the prophets below Muhammad. In addition, they do not believe that Christ died for people’s sin.
And lastly, what do Christians believe? Christians believe the following…1.) that God is a being who created humans in his own image and who loves them and wants to have a personal relationship with them; 2.) that Jesus Christ died for their sins. If people turn from their sins and follow Jesus, they can be forgiven and have the hope of being with Jesus in heaven; 3.) that Jesus is God as well as man, that he was sinless, and that he died to redeem humankind.
FYI, the Bible I refer to in my blog posts as a reference tool is…New Believers Bible/New Testament: First Steps for New Christians (with Pastor Greg Laurie).
“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8: 32)

the recall of WI Gov. Scott Walker

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Howdy all. This week’s post is about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) and the ridiculous recall of him by Wisconsin Democrats. I voted for Mr. Walker in 2010, so of course I am upset at the tactics being used by the Democrats and the unions. It is very upsetting. Does my vote not matter or count??

From what I understand, Mr. Walker took a $6 billion deficit from former Governor (and crook) Jim Doyle and turned it into a $300 million surplus. That is rather impressive. We could use that type of courage and leadership at the federal level, instead of auto bailouts and failed stimulus plans.

The only knock I have on Mr. Walker that I can think of off the top of my head is the fact that he did not approve funds for improving the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, home to the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bradley Center needs about $25 million in upgrades/improvements to stay safe and profitable. As a passionate fan of the Milwaukee Bucks, I would love to see these funds approved. Oh well, nobody is perfect. I forgive Mr. Walker.

Getting back to the recall that takes place on June 05, I think it is ludicrous. The man was voted in by a large margin as governor to fix a state that was in poor fiscal shape, thanks to one Mr. Doyle. Now these sore losers on the left want a do-over to get their liberal way. How about a recall of President Obama first?? This has been one big disaster in the White House and I hope and pray that Mitt Romney picks a conservative running mate and defeats Barack Hussein Obama in the November election.

I love that fact that Mr. Walker took on the unions with collective bargaining. I am in agreement with him that teachers should pay more for their health care and pensions. The percentages that Mr. Walker asked for was very reasonable. After all, these are taxpayer dollars being used to fund the health and retirement plans of these teachers. Those of us that work in the private-sector are not afforded the luxury of taxpayer assistance with our insurance and retirement needs.

 Ah, that reminds me of a big problem in this country and one that could really lead to a fiscal collapse: the “entitlement mentality.” This refers to unions, Medicaid, food stamps, etc. Stop depending on the government to provide for your every need. This country is about freedom and opportunity, not taxation and handouts.Many on the left bash and criticize Congressman Paul Ryan (R) of Wisconsin and his budget plan. However, these are common sense proposals and measures that Americans can and should support. Makes me want a Walker/Ryan GOP ticket in 2016! Take on the unions AND balance the budget! Hmmm
So what does the Bible have to say about anger? Let’s take a look, as these liberals in Wisconsin are rather angry at Mr. Walker :)
1.) Jesus became angry with those who were hard-hearted (Mark 3:5);
2.) God shows anger toward those who reject the truth (Romans 1:18-20);
3.) Anger can give Satan a place in your life (Ephesians 4:26-27); and
4.) Don’t speak in anger (James 3:5-6).
For conservative truth and accuracy in the media, I turn to the Wall Street Journal, National Review and The Weekly Standard. These are excellent publications for conservatives. I also like a new-found website I came across, and that is Media Research Center. They expose liberal media bias. BTW, two great articles found on the NRO website are found below:
Here's an item from NRO I thought you'd like to read:
Here's an item from NRO I thought you'd like to read: (liberalism, progressivism and socialism are pretty much the same thing!)
Lastly, consider these statistics from Tom Barrett’s 8 years as Milwaukee’s mayor: (Scott Walker’s likely recall election opponent) 1.) Under Barrett, Milwaukee has had one of the worst job creation rates of any city in the U.S. with unemployment as high as 27% – about 3 times the national average!; 2.) Milwaukee has one of the worst graduation rates in the U.S. -ranking 9th worst; 3.)He raised taxes on working class families in 7 out of the last 8 years – with property taxes up a whopping 24%. 

I support Scott Walker!

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8: 32)


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Hi all. Today’s post is about Easter. I attended Good Friday service with my sister and the message was awesome. The pastor spoke of Jesus dying on the cross, His love for us, and how He died on that cross for our sins. It was a powerful message with great music to boot. I really like this church that I found here in Colorado, as the pastor knows Biblical truth and does a great job in relating it to our everyday lives.

I originally wanted to post about the Milwaukee Brewers opening the 2012 season and the 2012 Master’s golf tournament in Augusta, GA. However, those two topics pale in comparison to what happened on the cross with our Lord and Savior dying for our sins. Personally, I have too many sins to even begin to count, but I am thankful for all He did for us on the cross!

So I want focus on four messages we learn from the cross: 1.) the cross itself; 2.) death; 3.) love; and 4.) forgiveness. Pretty deep stuff here today, but I got the chills in church on Friday evening hearing all He has done for us. 

First off, let’s take a look at what the Bible says about “the Cross”…Jesus was nailed to a cross (Matthew 27: 31-35); Following Christ requires that we shoulder our crosses (Mark 8: 34-38); The power of the Good News comes from the power of the cross (1 Corinthians 1:17-18); Jesus’ death unified all Christians (Ephesians 2:16); Jesus’ death was a sacrifice (Colossians 1: 20-22); Jesus’ death defeated Satan (Colossians 2:14-15); Jesus’ cross is an example for us (Hebrews 12: 1-4). I really take comfort in knowing that Jesus’ death defeated Satan.
For many years, I have had a fear of death, and I know I am not alone in this fear. However, it is comforting to know that Jesus conquered death, as the Bible says. The Bible also has the following to say about “death”…Christ has power over death (John 14:19); God offers eternal life to everyone (Romans 6:23); One day God will resurrect all believers to eternal life (1 Corinthians 15:20-23); Christians will be with the Lord when they die (2 Corinthians 5:8); For Christians, even dying is gain (Philippians 1:21-24); Christians who have died will one day be raised to new life (1 Thessalonians 4:13-14); We all must die once, but Christ offers salvation for His followers (Hebrews 9:27-28); We don’t know how long we’ll live (James 4:13-14); Christians should not fear death (1 John 4:17); There will be a Judgment Day (Revelation 20:14); and God will destroy death (Revelation 21:4)…Powerful stuff!
Jesus died on the cross because He loves us. As my pastor said, it was the greatest expression of love EVER in the history of the world, and it was, is, and always will be the ultimate show of love. The Bible says the following about “love”…Christ-like love does not repay evil for evil (Matthew 5:38-42); Love your enemies (Matthew 5:43-44); Jesus loves His people (Matthew 23:37-39); Loving God is the most important commandment (Mark 12:29-30); Christians must love each other (John 13:34); We cannot be separated from Christ’s love (Romans 8:35-39); Love must be genuine (Romans 12:9); God has described real love for us (1 Corinthians 13:4-8); God’s love for us is beyond our understanding (Ephesians 3:18); Paul dearly loved the Philippians (Philippians 1:3-8); Love makes up for many offenses (1 Peter 4:8); God is love (1 John 4:16); and We must be known for our love (2 John 1:5).  Easier said than done as far as loving our enemies, but it is important and necessary to do. I still struggle with this!

Lastly, we are forgiven of our sins IF we confess it to Jesus Christ. Again, easier said than done, and I struggle daily with it. We all do. We are human! The Bible says the following about “forgiveness”…We must forgive others (Matthew 6:14-15); We must forgive as we have been forgiven by God (Matthew 18:21-35); Turn from sin and God will forgive you (Luke 3:3); Trust in Christ for forgiveness (Acts 13:38-39); Freely forgive others as God has forgiven you (Colossians 3:13); Jesus died so we could be forgiven (Hebrews 9:22); God will forgive our sins as we confess them (1 John 1:8-9). It is not always easy to forgive, but as I learned in church, when you do not forgive someone YOU are the one that it hurts, not the person you do not forgive.

I really liked The Ridge Community Church when I was living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You can find more about this church at

Out here in Colorado, I really like Calvary Church. Their website is

On a daily basis, I read the Greg Laurie Devotional. He is excellent. You can read more about Greg Laurie and his Ministry at

Thank you all for your time, and have a Happy Easter! Oh, and most importantly, thank you Jesus!

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8: 32)